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Is Credit Karma really free?

Yes. Credit Karma is always 100% free.

To give you a better idea of who we are, we’ve answered some of the most common questions we hear.

Does Credit Karma require a credit card to sign up?

No, and we never will. Credit Karma won’t ask you for a credit card number during the registration process or at any other time. 

What’s the catch?

You may be wondering, “If Credit Karma is really free, how do they make money? Do they sell my information?” No. Rest assured, we don't make money by selling your information. It’s against our privacy policy and we hate those tactics as much as you do.

Instead, we stay free by featuring offers, like credit cards and loans, on our U.S. site. When someone takes an offer through Credit Karma, we usually make some money from one of our partners (like the bank that issues a credit card or the lender who funds a loan).

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